Should Vine Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Vine can make it tempting to create large quantities of video. After all, a six-second video can be produced quickly. However, if you hastily create content youll defeat the purpose. Customers arent going to watch large quantities of your videos. Instead, you might turn them off if the first video or two they see isnt up to par. Establish a clear marketing strategy that outlines how to use Vine.It should be specific to Vines limitations so that you dont end up trying to squeeze a 15-second commercial into a 6-second video. Animate Your Images Animated images have become a popular technique when creating Vine videos. Simply stopping and starting the camera after moving an object slightly turns those still shots into video. Companies such as Lowes and Urban Outfitters have created successful animations. Involve Customers in Your Efforts The key to any good social media strategy is getting customers involved. Ask customers to send you Vine testimonials or encourage them to tape themselves using your products.
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Using Football Strategies for Marketing Wins

Play Your All-Stars If you know which of your marketing mix is actually generating resultsand hopefully you do: tracking the success of your marketing activities and measuring the ROI on things like content marketing then you know which of them to roll out when you really need a win. Also, find new all-stars. Experiment with social media, integrate with Google Universal Analytics you never know what fresh talent youll uncover. But Dont Forget Your Trusty Offensive Linemen Your offensive linemen may not get as much shine as things like fancy ad campaigns or social media, but theyre tried and true and theyre always there: email marketing, for example. Your email marketing is a steady activity that you can rely on to move you up the field; dont get entirely distracted by flashy campaigns and end up neglecting the solid methods that might be easy to forget. Have a Playbook As content continues to secure its place as king, you need to make sure you have a way of organizing it so that it doesnt get vente a domicile lost in the daily tornado of marketing activity. A solid playbook can help: know what assets you have to share (from eBooks to videos to Slideshare decks) and have a rotating schedule of promotion, with the messaging that goes along with each so that its ready to roll out at any time.
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