Content Marketing’s Plain English Problem

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How to Embrace True Persistent Marketing

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To illustrate the low supply of plain English, Garner rips off a list of words and phrases that he says stop readers and listeners from thinking: paradigm shift, mission critical, incentivize, bandwidth, utilize, and more. Most of us roll our eyes when we hear this type of business jargon (seeing impact as a verb or utilize instead of use gets me every time), but Garner’s point is that the reaction can be much more severe: sloppy language actually halts thought. Does your content marketing generate valuable returns or does it produce brain freezes? Garner’s not alone in focusing on the actual words that comprise content and fuel content marketing. In a response to one of my previous posts offering guidance on creating written content, a commenter (Brent211) noted that I ought to focus on more basic guidance, including be objective and use multiple sources. Similarly, Sorofman’s column seeks to provide fundamental guidance. It presents Gartner’s content marketing supply chain, an infographic that deconstructs content marketing into familiar business processes (sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution) and sub-processes. It is the very first sub-process of the sourcing processcreationthat content marketers need to get right, regardless of whether they’re producing writing, speaking, or visual graphics.
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TopSpot Internet Marketing on Inc. 5000 List for Fourth Time

Over the years, the list has included companies such as Microsoft, Vizio, Intuit, Oracle, and Placing first on the 2013 list is childrenas tablet-maker, Fuhu. “We are very excited and honored to be included in the Inc 5000 list for a fourth time,a said TopSpot Internet Marketing President, David Underwood. aThis is a reflection of our team, our customers and the industry that we are a part of. As much as I am proud of our growth, I am more impressed with the people that make up the TopSpot team.” This month marks TopSpot Internet Marketingas tenth year of business, which they are celebrating with an educational seminar with speakers from Google, Wildfire and TopSpot Internet Marketing. The Search, Social and Mobile Strategy Seminar will be held September 26, 2013 at the Omni Houston Galleria Hotel. Complete results of the Inc.
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Use the data you collect on a frequent basis to shape a brand voice thats relevant, effective and meaningful to every audience youre targeting. Depending on the tools youre using and the resources you have for monitoring data, this can be done instantaneously. Having interest and attribute data thats available on a real-time basis means you can understand how your voice is connecting with each persona. Dont wait for a campaign to end to tweak the voice or the message, for that matter. If you have the data as the campaign is running, use it! When you fine-tune the voice as needed and as data becomes available, you will know exactly what worked and what didnt all while the campaign is still running. You can then use that information right away for the next campaign. Create Community Around Conversation One of the drawbacks of traditional marketing cycles is that interaction and data collection tend to happen in different stages. Persistent marketing, conversely, doesnt carry this same limitation. Instead, persistent marketing allows the conversation of the campaign to continue concurrently, alongside data collection. These activities are not mutually exclusive and instead can feed upon one another, unveiling communities and demographics that may have been concealed before.
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