Overcoming The Marketing-Sales Turf War: Six Strategies To Integration

This way both functions work together to meet the customer needs during each stage and support the customers progress to the next. (2) Create a unified focus on the most valuable customers: One reason marketing and sales do not lock arms in companies is because the company has not focused their joint attention on the most valuable customers. Sales people need to meet their quotas and if those quotas dont include the companys most valuable customer, sales will not be prospecting or acquiring the right customers. Marketing can help identify these customers, develop materials to do so, and service sales as it closes these deals. This priority can help facilitate cooperation and create a unifying objective for the two. (3) Organize around the customer, not the function: Most executives likely agree that there is too much focus on turf and not enough on the customer. vente a domicile There are a number of ways that companies can organize around the customer. One is to create customer groups and not product groups.
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The Ultimate Sales Strategy

Salespeople today need a better ultimate strategy. Because of the Internet, prospects now are more educated on our products and competitive products than ever before — and more aware of sales techniques and sales training programs. So what is a salesperson to do? I believe the next level of sales professionalism is delivering Business Guidance Value (BGV). To deliver BGV, a salesperson must understand his product/solution, how it’s used by a client, what benefits it brings and the nuances of traditional sales strategies, including effective sales discovery. However, the salesperson must also take all of that accumulated knowledge and relate it to the prospect at its business level and beyond. The salesperson must speak to how the benefits of the solution will impact the prospect’s business, plus how the prospect will leverage those benefits to gain a competitive advantage. This becomes the ultimate strategy that will separate the Business Guidance salesperson from the pack. The future of professional sales is relating how your product not only saves someone money, time and resources, but how those savings should be used to impact the performance of the prospect’s business. This means that if you’ve determined your product can save the client $50,000 a year, then your recommendation must include how or where the client will invest that savings of $150,000 over the next three years. Specifically, should they invest it in marketing, product development, newer technology or even new vehicles for their service people?
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TopLine Strategies Adds Sales Talent with Hoffler

Finance Sat, Aug 17, 2013, 1:14 AM EDT – U.S. Markets closed TopLine Strategies Adds Sales Talent with Hoffler Leading Arizona IT Services firm appoints Mike Hoffler to Regional VP of Sales Press Release: TopLine Strategies Thu, Aug 15, 2013 7:00 AM EDT Print SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –TopLine Strategies announced today the hire of Mike Hoffler as Regional VP of Sales. TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration, development, and staff augmentation services of sales and marketing technologies to corporations and institutions. “I am delighted to announce Mike Hoffler’s addition to TopLine Strategies. I have known Mike for years and he is extraordinary. Mike has impressive credentials in the technology consulting industry. Moreover, his ability to bring meaningful advisory and client services to marketing leadership, sales executives, and CIOs is second to none,” stated TopLine Strategies CEO Tim Fargo. Hoffler brings twenty years of CRM and marketing automation sales leadership to his new role. Mike served as the Director of Enterprise Sales at Interact Commerce Corporation (ICC). He was a part of the executive team that brought ICC to rapid revenue growth and a successful IPO. Hoffler was also Director of Solution Consulting at Lead MD, a Marketo solutions provider; and VP of Business Development at CalmSea Inc., a nurture marketing technology services firm. Mike Hoffler stated, “TopLine Strategies has long been the dominant force in the Southwest with results-oriented delivery of CRM, Interactive Marketing, BI/Analytics and the related technologies. TopLine’s long-term client relationships and market share success are a result of deep expertise and uncompromising client service quality. It is a privilege to be part of the TopLine Strategies’ team.” About TopLine Strategies TopLine Strategies ( http://www.toplinestrategies.com ) delivers to their corporate clientele the complete integration, development, and staff augmentation services for CRM, Marketing Automation, Mobile App.
Pour la version originale de l’article, voir http://finance.yahoo.com/news/topline-strategies-adds-sales-talent-110000539.html

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