Synergizing Offline and Online Marketing Strategies

Leveraging Search To Amplify Offline Marketing Success

4. Mobile Advertising Offline marketing can also travel just like online marketing. You can have a car magnet or a sticker advertising your business placed on you and your employees cars, getting good mileage out of your marketing efforts through increased exposure in your neighborhood. If you can afford it, place your ads on public transportation vehicles like buses, trains, and taxis. Mobilize your customers to be part of your marketing strategy by offering shirts, hats or any similar clothing merchandise with your company logo and URL. 5. Direct Mail Running a well-planned direct mail campaign has been proven to be effective. It makes an immediate impact as it gives customers the convenience of getting to know more about your business and your products while in the comfort of their own homes. Collect physical addresses of your customers using a subscription method you can package into your products. You are capitalizing on their interest in what youre offering. You can also spend on targeted mailing lists that fall in line with your target audience to reach potential customers. Connecting Online and Offline Marketing With these offline strategies in play, you then have to bridge the gap between them and your online endeavors to truly realize their joint potential. Promotion through Social Media Social media is one of the driving forces in todays world, spreading information at an unparalleled speed and influencing the current generation in the process.
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Synergizing Offline and Online Marketing Strategies image online marketting15

During these meetings, share budgets and differences in investment on a weekly basis. From these discussions, each team can coordinate messaging and tactics in their channel as appropriate. For example, if a new prime-time TV spot is airing, the search team will likely want to increase budget to capture the rise in search queries the commercial will generate. The search team may even write custom ads to coordinate messaging with the commercial and enhance user engagement. Examine and discuss the results. Once the campaigns have launched, be sure the marketing teams discuss the results. What happened? Did search see more clicks and conversions during and after the commercial? What messaging worked and what didnt?
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How to use offline and online in your marketing strategy

Target customers Using both offline and online strategies provides you with a range of opportunities to connect with customers . Its then important to research your target audience to learn where they are most active and engaged and what their preferred method of communication is. For example, your customers may prefer to provide their feedback on your Facebook profile instead of filling out a feedback form in store. This will help your communication to be more effective as you can directly vente a domicile reach your target customers. Choose the right platform Implementing both offline and online strategies doesnt mean your brand needs to be present everywhere and on every possible online channel. The most effective strategies start with a goal, define their target audience and then choose the key platforms that will achieve this goal. Measure the results Its important to have a measurement strategy and tools in place to record the success of your marketing campaigns. Tracking the success of a marketing campaign can often be easier online because you can measure how many clicks were received on a link and how many people visited your website. For example, by being listed on an online business directory you have the ability to measure how many people viewed your listing, how many web referrals you received and the ability to track leads. Directories such as will also provide you with a monthly advertising activity report to inform you of your listing statistics.
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